Creative Marketing Ideas For Your Local Business

Your wallet is not crucial to your success in marketing. Here are 9 creative tips that you can use today - and that will help you attract new customers at once. Here we go!

1. Competitions
Most loves competitions (special prizes) and this can take advantage of the company's advantage. Organize a competition with a price that attracts, and utilize the race to get anything you want - for example, customers' feedback and their suggestions for new products.

The state of Queensland in Australia organized a worldwide competition where the winner received a six month paid trip to the country, including everything (consideration was to document the trip). All newspapers loved the PR coup, and quickly spread worldwide. Can you do something similar?

2. Use the seasons
The seasons are an untapped marketing ploy. Use these to create new campaigns for the same products year round. The secret is to always create campaigns that feels current - which means that the customer can sometimes act the same thing several times.

3. Sponsor
Small business owners often believe that sponsorship is only for large companies, but it is only a myth. As a small business, you can sponsor the local club in a smart way. Make a deal where the club's players will help your business with various activities, in exchange for sponsoring the team's shirts and the like. Here you can easily create a win-win situation.

Make sure that the sponsorship money becomes tax deductible, for example, by the agreements regulate that you get the services of a market price for the sponsorship money. Also give everyone at the club a certain discount with you.

4. Obtain a customer zone
Smart companies are using their website for much more than to just inform. An easy way to build relationships with customers is to create a customer zone. Here the customer can read manuals, see your reference customers, make appointments, get answers to questions, tell others and so on.

Use the customer zone as a virtual customer service, and use the opportunity to get the customer to tell us about your services to others.

5. Play on emotions
to tell you about a product's characteristics is not nearly as effective as telling about the emotions as the product develops. Describe why the customer will feel when using your products or services. Happy, successful, peaceful, respected. What do you think your customers want to know?

6. Employ compelling people
the same way that your image is vital for the company is your employees are equally important. Employ only people who are happy, interesting and forward. The age does not matter, but beware of surkartar. Exciting staff makes your business exciting. And you, think what networks colorful people. Networking is business.

7. Take advantage of the correspondence
Most people use standard templates for invoices, order confirmations and quotes. You can be smarter by replacing "We thank you for your order" against the selling message, such as "You have not missed our latest mower that is environmentally friendly. Read more on the website ". Let your imagination run wild and have happy personal message on your correspondence. Customers love to feel chosen.

8. A selling customer service
Most companies add no effect at all on customer service and support. However, there are many customers and additional sales to pick up. Find a social and friendly person who manages the company's customer service. Educate the person in sales.

The advantage of selling customer service are many. First, it is the customer who dials (you do not have to hunt), and it is a great opportunity to tell the customer about new services or products.

Here you also have the chance to deepen the relationship with the customer and create a more long-term relationship, while small measures can have an unhappy customer on better thoughts.

9. Market
unknown reason we like people to be involved in surveys and market research. This is an excellent opportunity for you to spread the word about new products and services. Make a market survey about your new product, and let current and potential customers to respond. Your results will be both that you get a better picture of the market and knowledge of the new product.

Do not forget to reward those who undergo your market research (with a lottery ticket or similar).