How To Do Marketing in Pinterest

Pinterest is a great opportunity for niche web shops and e-commerce with a very specific audience, since Pinterest is based on people's interests right. It can be as förertag additionally create an account on Pinterest and from there put out information, images, products and offers that are of interest to people in the target group. Read all the articles in this category to find out information about how you are doing to market your particular e-store and e-commerce via another social media: Pinterest! This is another opportunity for you to reach out with your e-commerce to people, so do not miss it.


First, you should figure out if that company should be there.

Pinterest is not just about sharing things and is not just a new social media. So far it is a rather specific group of people who "sticks". There are people who want to be inspired and those who want to share their inspiration for like-minded people. Let us call them creative people, inspiration and trendsetters. If your brand is all about lifestyle (decor, food, gardening, travel, etc.) that is Pinterest is an obvious choice for your marketing. If you sell wooden plug or fire alarms may be more difficult to capture members' interest.

What should I start with on Pinterest?

Upload beautiful photos of the products

Post photos that are professionally photographed. Bright and airy image that is well composed gives your product the impression it deserves. To just throw up some old photos taken in poor light and of poor quality can be worse for your brand than not to be seen there at all.

Add prices to your product photos

For some visitors on Pinterest may not price is of someone important, but most probably want to know what the product costs before purchasing it. Add to price information in the image "description". My opinion is that you should not put the price in the picture it can be considered for "säljigt" and also destroys the overall impression of the image. When you choose to enter a prize to a photo, you can also enter a link to your own website. Pictures with the price and the link is automatically under the section "Gifts".

Organize your photos

Create bulletin boards with interesting and any unique name that is appealing to the category of product you want to promote. Try to stand out! On Pinterest dates boards with original names usually more followers.

The difference of repin and like

A repin is worth more than an equal. Strive for visitors to repinna rather like your pictures. Pinterest small logoA repin means that someone has taken your content in their own folders, making them visible to their followers and thus now is the seller of your product (and they do not charge any commission).

Spend most time not to sell

If all you are engaging on Pinterest is to sell, people will probably not be interested in your profile. Applying the classic 80/20 rule! That is to say, pay 80% of the time given to repinna images from other users and enter useful information, and devote 20% of the time to sell.

Collect customer information

On Pinterest just like on any other social media discussing and commenting on people new events, products etc. When you release a product on Pinterest, people will comment on it or pinna. What is it they say? They say that your product is good or that it can be better? Or maybe they say that it is not at all something to wear? This is important information that you would normally have to pay to find out. Understand and use this information in a creative way.

Get involved with other users on Pinterest

When people start to follow you, like your stuff and repinna will do the same for them. Try to find their own works with the beautiful photos and fire them up with your own products in your bulletin. This may be the beginning of a very fruitful cooperation.

Organize a competition!

Competitions usually always involve people. For example, you could invite other on Pinterest to pinna 10 things from your profile, or invite people to take a photo of themselves with their favorite product from your company and then pinna photo. A possible win for the best photo can be a voucher in your store.