Facebook Marketing Tips

How do you build your business presence on Facebook in the best way? For large and renowned companies seek audience often spontaneously but as a small business you have to work a little harder. Therefore, we have put together this list of practical tips for those who want to succeed on Facebook.

First we need to find out why you should have a Facebook page. Is it really nödvändligt and what you can get out of it? Recent statistics show that 66% of Swedish Internet users use Facebook on average 3.2 hours per week. This means that whatever audience you have, it is very likely that they spend time on the social network. With a presence on Facebook, you as business owners the ability to communicate smarter and more often with your customers and potential customers. In time you can build a number of loyal followers who in turn share it with their friends about your business.

Get more out of your company's Facebook page by following these tips:

1. Content is King
Content is King, the almighty mantra that should permeate throughout your company's Facebook presence and other Internet presence. Great content leads to more and more involved contacts. If you have no content to get the help it does not even have the neatest and coolest part of the world. As simple as that. Try to publish diverse content so that it does not become tedious for those who have chosen to follow you.

2. Only original material is rarely enough
Be completely honest with yourself now - is your own material always so exciting that it can bear this page on your own? For smaller companies, the answer is usually no. Therefore, you can also share other interesting materials in your field sometimes. This way you can increase the value of your side.

3. Two-way communication
As always when it comes to social media, it is important to listen to the views of your contacts, and responding to them. When negative comments this is a must, in order to "control" issue. Reply objectively to criticism. If there is no response from you, it is open for all sorts of speculation. You then may not be able to agree with the critics is another thing, you do not always.

4. Utilize Facebook's tag capabilities
If an update involves a different business page, a group or a person, and you have the ability to "tag" this - do it. When the update is visible even on the linked page. Abusing not this, but do it only when it is relevant. Use the @ and start typing to get suggestions on pages and people to link to.

5. Update frequently
How often should you update your Facebook page? It is extremely difficult to answer. A couple of times a week is usually mentioned as a moderate rate, but it is different, of course, depending on the target audience and the industry. However, it should be continuity in the updates - updates ten one week and zero second is no success melody.

6. The contacts you have are more important than those you have not
A common mistake is that companies put all the focus on how to make new contacts. The struggle Anja back and forth to attract more to the side. Nothing wrong in that, but you must not forget the existing contacts. The relationship with these is that the real work should be focused on, which takes us on to the last point.

7. Be patient
Relationship building - it is the key to success in social media. And relationships take time to build, you have to earn the trust of the target group.  Good luck with your Facebook page!